This page lists some of the events which feature appearances by Bill Crumbleholme, the Beaker Folk potter.

Bill constructed a wood fired kiln, follow this link to see information about it and the dates of firings.

The Ancient Wessex Network website features more events at this link.

The Upwey Potters website features more events at this link.

Pottery Classes and Workshops at Upwey Old School Hall.

Bill runs pottery classes at the Upwey Hall, on Monday and Tuesday evenings and Tuesday afternoons, they are all fully booked, but send an email if you want to be added to the waiting list (which is very long).

There are no workshops currently planned.

On 5th November 2016, Bill and his classes will (or did if this after then!) use the Upwey Village Bonfire as a source of heat to treat some burnished pottery. "Pit Firing" is the usual term for this type of activity, done in a hole in the ground, but the bonfire is large enough to provide sufficient heat at its heart. The pots get put in metal containers (old cooking pots, dustbins, cake tins etc) packed round with combustable materials that provide flashes of colouring vapour as they ignite - a variety of substances can be used, rosemary leaves, bay leaves, seaweed, coffee grounds, banana skins, wood shavings (some soaked in brine).