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Inside Out Festival September 2007
Images of Enclosure Event

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These images were captured during "Enclosure" on 23rd September 2007.

Hambledon Hill was taken over by Red Earth, who gathered a band of performers to enact a ritual journey along the top of the ancient hill. Atsushi Takenouchi, a Japanese Butoh performer, danced the length of the hilltop in the swirling mist, accompanied by haunting percussion and wind instruments. The ritual potential of the location was explored and depicted with amazing intensity, leaving the audience stunned and speechless. Visit Atsushi's website at

Taken by Bill and his daughter Lizzie, these are not official images or comments, but capture the event from the point of view of an audience member.

Hambledon Hill from "Outside". The neolithic enclosure was once made of thousands of oak pailing posts, which must have been very impressive, but not as effective as barbed wire! However barbed wire sums up modern man's approach to boundaries and the protection of spaces.

Two horn players flanked the entrance, lit by bowls of fire.

A timber ladder stretched up the end of the long barrow, enabling the climb into an unknown space beyond.

The traveler throws chalk dust for the wind to whisk away.

The brazier, burns with pungent smoke, an obstacle to be overcome?

The final runway : leading to another place beyond the end of the hill.

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