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" Woden" - Wood Fired Kiln - The 30th Firing!

This page records the 30th firing of the Woden kiln in April 2021. It is an archive of photographs taken before, during and after the firing.

No significant changes are planned for the kiln structure. The tunnel from firing chamber to bottom of chimney was rebuilt. The currugated iron roof could do with replacement.....


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Making Pots

Loading Pots

Firing Kiln

Unloading Pots


Making Pots -

Bill's Rotational Kinetic Energy Device in action Bill's Rotational Kinetic Energy Device in action!
An "upcycled" washing machine, used as a simple wheel to throw a coiled pot.
Caroline Sharp Caroline Sharp's vessels.
Coiled and pinched.
Pale slip glaze.
Caroline Sharp Caroline Sharp's vessels and bowls.
Some black clay.
Nix mugs A few of Nix's cups and mugs.
nix mugs The bases of Nix mugs and cups.
nix worms Worm's eye view of Nix's cups and mugs.
Nix birds eye Bird's eye view of Nix cups and mugs.
thermocouples New thermocouples, a different type to those used before - more traditional.
thermocouple sheaths Those new thermocouple probes are thicker, so needed new sheaths to protect them from the attack of the ash in the kiln.
nix shells Nix has stuffed a few cockle shells to support her pots away from sticking to the shelves because of the ash.
cat inspector The cat inspector looking a Nix's packaged pots.
nix pots packaged up Nix pots ready for the road.
nix banded pots Nix banded pots. The unglazed band will be stained by the reduction and ash in the kiln to give a pleasing contrasted band against the white glaze.

Loading Pots

empty kiln The empty kiln ready for loading to commence.
quarter full Quarter full. Nix pots, some on the cooler bottom layer laid on their sides to see if a nice set of shell marks can be left.
A shelf full of Caroline's vessels sneaked in, a good bit of training for Nix in the art of loading thin based unstable objects.
half full Back half of the kiln chamber filled by Nix.
A very neat piece of work!
nix loading Nix loading. Captured on Bill's antique mobile device.
Nix loading Ditto.

Now waiting for the rest of the crew to come and load their efforts.
tunnel The tunnel from the chamber into the bottom of the chimney was rebuilt.
Partly using HTI bricks from Bill's old electric kiln.
The vertical kiln shelf is designed to push in at the end of the firing to close off the chimney during cooling.

Nick loading

Nick loading his pots (and a few others) into the kiln.
Richard is on the "Patio" applying Shiny White glaze to his pots, one of which is the large urn at the top.
Nick loading Nick still loading....
Richard loading Richard pretending to load his large urn.
3/4 loaded Pots loaded so far.
nick breaking pallets Nick breaking up pallets.
Laurence loading Laurence loading, after Sarah had put hers in.
Laurence loading Laurence looking a bit Cornish!?
Laurence loaded Laurence almost finished loading. Just a few minor adjustments after this and then the bricking up of the door.

Quite a tight pack, with too many pots to choose from!
Sorry to those potters whose pots did not all get in, or were taken out again to make space for others!!

Firing Kiln -






Unloading Pots






























Report and Conclusions


The kiln firing log will appear here, when Bill gets round to it.

Comments are very welcome - email Bill Crumbleholme

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