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" Woden" - Wood Fired Kiln - The 32nd Firing!

This page records the 32nd firing of the Woden kiln in October 2021. It is an archive of photographs taken before, during and after the firing.

The plan is to fire the kiln on Tuesday 26th October 2021, which is during the schools half term.

 The tunnel from firing chamber to bottom of chimney was rebuilt (again!), this time by Nick, whose design skills and practical engineering are somewhat ahead of Bill's, he also knows how to use tolerances properly. Bill is too intolerant! The corrugated iron roof could still do with replacement.....


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Making Pots

Loading Pots

Firing Kiln

Unloading Pots


Making Pots -

small mortaria drying Bill's birthday batch of small mortaria, drying before turning.
stalagtite Bill visited Wokey Hole recently, this is his artistic response to the amazing stalagtites. Plasterer's scrim dipped in paperclay slip and hung up to dry. Placed in the kiln on its side on the bottom shelf. 
Glastonbury ware dring Bill's bowls inspired by Iron Age Glastonbury Ware from  Somerset lake villages. "Celtic" type designs.
Chimney tunnel
Nick rebuilt the tunnel from the firing chamber into the base of the chimney.
Having struggled to seal off the chimney at the end of the last firing by sliding a kiln shelf horizontally, this version now features a portcullis style drop down shelf.

Loading Pots

Loading started Loading started.
loading Ice cream bowls ready to load.
5 twelfths loaded After second day loading - five twelfths loaded!
Mainly Bill's pots, with a few kiln fillers from Nikki!
Tried hard not to stack it too densely and leave bigger gap above the pots and get the shelves to stagger - as in not line up horizontally with each other, nothing to do with being unstable on its feet!
All trying to promote better circulation of hot air.
Half loaded Day 3. Back half loaded.
Well done Simon and Jess. Simon also for breaking some timber up. Jess for coping when the whole righthand stack of shelves started to wobble while she was loading her pots - sorted by inserting an extra prop on under the bottom shelf - silly Bill for being a bit lop-sided to start with!
Ready for the next loading.
5 6th loaded Five sixths loaded?!
That all the back and much of the front stacks.
Nick and Nix now all present and correct. All neat and tidy.
Nix and Bill Nix looking pleased with her efforts.
Bill looking a bit tired and dirty - after a day of hard labour breaking pallets!
Steve S ready to load Steve Snowball's pieces ready to load.
A signature ammonite platter, created with wax resist pattern and 3 experimental flower pots, made of black clay with underglaze colours.
tubes Steve's somewhat arty shot of the kiln, with tubes.
about the load After Dale's, Sarah and her classes and Birgit's pieces are in, Steve's ready to load, a juggling act with Helen's and her classes which were about to arrive.
fully loaded Mark's last minute  ground floor test pieces, with experimental clay inclusions and ash coating.
Now fully loaded, except for one more pot at the top and the cones to be placed.
Everyone's pieces crammed in, except one of Sarah's and most of Bill's standby overflow pots, but some of those even got in on the top shelf.
Shortly afterwards Helen and Bill bricked up the door and left - ready for the firing next week.

Firing Kiln -

Watch this space!  

Unloading Pots












Report and Conclusions


The kiln firing log -



Comments are very welcome - email Bill Crumbleholme

Nix's wares can be seen and purchased at her website and etsy shop :-



Thanks to everyone who helped with the firing and made it such an enjoyable event.