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Bill is a potter with an interest in ancient pottery, this page and the links are an archive guide to his explorations into Bronze Age techniques.

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Bill appeared at the English Heritage "Festival of History" in August 2005. Follow this link to see some of the beakers.

Bronze Age Beaker

Bill was involved with making and firing Bronze Age style pottery in conjunction with a Labyrinth making workshop at Monkton Wyld Court, follow this link for the story...

This is Bill's display of Bronze Age Pottery - Urns and Beakers, at the Artyfacts exhibition in Dorset County Museum in 2004

These Bucket Urns were made as part of the Artyfacts Project. Follow this link to a page showing how they were made. And then follow this link to see how they were fired in a bonfire.

Bill co-hosted a Talk at Dorset County Museum February 2004 about his recent associations with archaelogical experiementation, these are some of the pots make by him and the Museum's staff and volunteers. In the background are Romano-British Black Burnished Ware made and fired at the Bestwall Quarry excavations.

New Years Eve 31/12/03 firing. Take a look at a sequence of images taken at a bonfire firing in Upwey.

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