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This is page is set up by Bill Crumbleholme from Upwey, Weymouth, Dorset, England
Last revised: 3rd April 2019

Bill Crumbleholme : Portrait by Robin Mills
Portrait of Bill, taken by Robin Mills

Bill's business Artseeker Ltd is closing down in 2019.

Bill can be found on Facebook, together with some of the bodies he works with and promotes :-


Bill Albert Crumbleholme

  Ancient Wessex Network Upwey Potters Crumbleholme's worldwide Nurdlers of Dorsetshire Dorset Pottery Group Upwey Old School Village Hall

Nurdling Logo

Find out about the ancient Dorsetshire pastime of Nurdling here

Bill works as a studio potter.
William Crumbleholme Pottery Stamp
This is his potter's mark, found on all his work. It is made using his grandfather's sealing wax seal - William Crumbleholme.

Visit Bill's webpages about his pottery at Beaker Folk

Ancient Wessex Network Business Card

Bill works with the Ancient Wessex Network, creative people and organisations that work in the Heritage Industry.

Artwey logo

Bill is a member of Artwey, a group set up by artists in Weymouth & Portland, they run Open Studios events and other stuff! See

This is a YouTube clip of Bill throwing a batch of replica beakers on the potter's wheel.
There is no sound track.
More about Bill's beakers at

Bucket inspired by Grooved Ware
A pot inspired by Neolithic Grooved Ware.

Bowl inspired by Glastonbury Ware

Bowl inspired by Iron Age Glastonbury Ware.

Upwey Potters
Upwey Potters Logo Click here to visit the website
Bill is a founder member of The Upwey Potters
to see their website with latest news and details of Exhibitions & Workshops.

Bill built "Woden" - a large wood fired kiln - which is enabling him to produce more larger vessels. Take a look at the archive of the building and firings at this link.

Leaping flames

Current work includes Raku

Red Hot Raku Pots


Bill runs pottery classes, currently with a very long waiting list.

Cremation urn

Bill is developing a range of cremation urns for use at the Higher Ground Meadow natural burial ground, where a large bronze age style barrow is being built.

Bill's big brother, Richard, has done the Crumbleholme family history research, which has been uploaded to the domain. This includes the ancient origins in Lancashire and the William Crumbleholme put in the Tower of London for his religious beliefs.

Richard is also an authority on the Windmills of Dorset (well it gets him out of the house now and then!). Take a look at the researches on the Dorset Windmills website at this link.

Bill's daughter Lizzie Watkins is a reflexologist in Weston Super Mare, check her out at

The younger daughter, Lottie, is a graphic designer, her website can be found at this link

Dorset Pottery Group Logo
Bill is involved with this Group. The group's website is at

Annual exhibitions were staged at Bridport Art Centre. See details of activities, exhibitions and the Bridport Millennium Ammonite Project

This mosiac was made by Bill as a copy of one in the
Dorset County Museum.

Much of Bill's recent output has been inspired by prehistoric pottery, to the extent that he occassionally dresses up as a Bronze Age potter and lurks about firing handmade urns in bonfires at "Historic Events"!


Beaker replica pots, made by pinching the clay from a solid lump, decorated with comb impressions.

Visit webpages about Beaker Folk - based on Bill's research into Bronze Age artifacts and his experimental archaeology.

Bill took part in the 2007 Inside Out Festival, appearing at Hambledon Hill - see here for what was involved.

Take a look at this link to see a video of a bonfire firing of some replicas of Bronze Age Beakers belonging to the Amesbury Archer.

Bill appeared lurking in the background of a Team Team episode in 1999 and has been making repilicas of Celtic Dorset Iron Age Black Burnished Ware
Bill Crumbleholme's Black Burnished Ware Jar
Bill's 2003 project was at Bestwall near Wareham in Dorset. He rebuilt one of the actual Roman kilns uncovered by archeologists digging ahead of gravel extractors.
Follow this link to see some more images.

Bill is carrying out research into the production of Black Burnished Ware, Follow this link for more information.

Wood Fired Beaker
Bill's "Fusion Ware" combining several cultures
Bronze Age Beakers shapes and herring-bone decoration
fired in the wood kiln.
Follow this link to see more images.

"Could've Fooled Me"are exhibitions featuring contemporary art works, staged at the Upwey Old School in early April and at the Monkton Gallery in early April 2006.

Raku Globes
Bill and his fellow RAFT artists staged "Artyfacts" - a major project with the Dorset County Museum during 2004, in which artists created their responses to articles on display. Bill made Bronze Age Beakers and Bucket Urns

Bronze Age clamp firing Monkton 2004
follow this link to see how they were made & fired.

Bill was involved with making a labyrinth at Monkton Wyld Court,
Bill Crumbleholme's Bronze Age Labyrinth Urn
he made Bronze Age style pots to be incorporated into the labyrinth goals. Follow this link for the story

Bill Crumbleholme's Radially glazed dish
This dish has been glazed with radial stripes, where they overlap the different thicknesses result in different colours and opacities.
See some similar bowls here.

Colour-blind Filters
These pages use a filter to simulate colourblindness

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