Upwey Potters Raku Pots Cooling Down
Raku Pots "Cooling Down"!!

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Last revised: 13th April 2012

The Upwey Potters are a group of ceramic artists who live & work in Upwey, Dorset, England, making and selling their work and running Workshops.

Find The Upwey Potters at the Old School Village Hall using Google Maps

The Upwey Potters Have A New Website

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This website has now become the Archive of past activities and events.

The Upwey Potters

Upwey Potters : Group Photo
Pat, Bill, Irene,
Lawrence (Apprentice - who has grown a foot taller since this was taken!)),
Maggie & Fil

The Upwey Potters can accept credit card payment via the secure on-line PayPal system, which does not need you to have a PayPal Account - just a valid plastic card!

To make a payment to Any of the Upwey Potters please Follow this link.

To make a payment to Maggie Cooke please Follow this link.


Pat March Tall Slab Pot
Pat March Vase

Beaker Folk Urns in Bonfire
Bill Crumbleholme's Bronze Age Collared Urns in a bonfire
Take a look at his Beaker Folk Website

Details of the Upwey Potters activities. Elsewhere on this website are pages with more images and details of the Upwey Potters pottery and activities - follow the links to see them.

SODA kiln

RAKU firing (Including a Video)

RAKU firing workshops.

Evening Classes

Sunday Sessions

Pottery Taster Workshops for Groups and Parties

Video Archive.
View on-line videos of potting activities. (Beware large file sizes suitable only for broadband and then be prepared to wait a while!)

Raku Firing at Dorchester Arts Centre

Bronze Age Beaker Firing (Windows Media Player Version)

Bronze Age Beaker Firing (Shockwave Version)

Throwing Pasta Bowls (Windows Media Player Version)


Dorset Pottery Group

Follow this link to the Dorset Pottery Group's Website

Bill Crumbleholme Brown Beakers
Bill Crumbleholme's Bronze Age Beakers, Iron rich glaze

Upwey Potters Bill Crumbleholme Iron Bowl
Bill Crumbleholme's Iron Age Bowl, Iron rich glaze

Ceramic Review Issue 205 Jan-Feb 2004 featured an article on the building and firing of the Upwey Potters Soda Kiln.
Look at these linked pages to see more images and information about the Soda Firing Process

Upwey Potters Soda Kiln
Upwey Potters Soda Kiln

Upwey Potters Irene Passmore Frog
Irene Passmore's Stoneware Frog Tile

  Upwey Potters Fil Cooke Soda Kiln Firing


Upwey Potters Archive
Fil Cooke, Bill Crumbleholme, Pat March, Irene Passmore, Maggie Cooke & Jane Taylor
outside Bill's Studio in Elwell Street (Photo curtesy of Upwey Potters Archives!)

Here are some links into other websites - set up by friends of the Upwey Potters :-

www.beakerfolk.co.uk Bill Crumbleholme's Bronze Age website

www.chappellstudio.co.uk Michael Chappell, painter who runs a Gallery at Mangerton Mill, near Bridport, stocking Bill's and Pat's ceramics.

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